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J&S Valve is a member of the following Trade Associations:

Water and Sewer Distributors of America -

American Water Works Associations (AWWA) -

Sam Houston Water Utilities (SWHU) -

Texas Water Utilities (TWU) -

Texas Rural Water Assoc (TRWA) -

Water Environment Federation (WEF)-

Other Associations:

American Backflow Prevention Association

American Water Resources Association

Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufactures Assoc.

National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association, Inc.

Tours of WWTP around the US and Canada

Wastewater Engineering Virtual Library

Water & Wastewater Dot Com

Assoc. of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies

National Rural Water Association

Water Quality Association

International Water Association

Water Association Information Business

Water Resources of the US

Software and Resource for Engineering Community

Government Organizations:

Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

National Rural Water Association

National League of Cities

National Assoc. of Flood & Stormwater Manage. Agencies

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Department of Natural Resources (by state)

Department of Environmental Protection (by state)