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 Rubber Seated Plug

Rubber Seated Plug Valve

Rubber Seated Plug Valve - AWWA C517

AWWA C517 Eccentric Rubber Seated Plug Valves: Flange by Flange or MJ by MJ. Series 4400 or Series 4500

Seat Area with Welded Overlay Minimum 90% Pure Nickel.

Shaft Sealed by the Multiple V-Ring Type.

Round Plug Fully Rubber Coated up to 12"; Plugs 14” to 24” Cylindrical Rubber Sealed Surface.

Flanged and Drilling Complies with ANSI B16.1 Class 125.

Mechanical Joint Compiles with AWWA/ANSI C153.

Rated Working Pressure 200psi.

Rubber Seated Plug Valve Brochure